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Is it possible ?

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    Hello , i'm new in here.

    I'm not physicist , but I wonder if it is possible to have such material , that changes the color of the light. For example we take a piece of glass , we shoot it with a LASER beam of light with 650 nm wave lenght ( redish ) and the beam , escaping the glass would be for example 420 nm .

    Is there such material like this glass ? Or something similar ?
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    Vanadium 50

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    There are wavelength shifting plastics. Note that these only can reduce the energy of the light - make it redder, never bluer.
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    You might review the principle of a diode-pumped solid state laser (dpss). Using a crystal these generate 808 nm and emit 532 nm (green). Not what you're looking for but I suspect as close as you will get.

    In the medical/industrial laser field, such a passive material as you are describing would be hugely beneficial
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