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Is it possible

  1. Dec 19, 2004 #1
    Now i really dont know much about the M theory so if i say anything stupid give me a break, now ive heard heard the theory that the big bang was the collision of 2 branes, 1 into the other. Now i can see this happening and being the cause of it and would imply it will keep happening, but ive also heard that a string can "morph" into a brane with enough energy, with even more energy these branes will expand. Now with the idea our universe is just a brane so to speak. Couldnt the big bang be the result of a string morphing into a brane, and with enough energy to keep expanding??? :surprised
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    It's possible, at least in string theory. Then again, just about anything is possible in string theory. I am reluctant to entertain a stringy explanation of everything before it makes a testable explanation of anything.
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    Ivan Seeking

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