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Is it right of my choosing ?

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    Hello every one. I come from china. My home town is nanjing jiangsu province in china.
    I graduated from a technological academy four years ago. I have been working on a korean company for four years. I want to get a further education. I feel that it is the time for me to return a university.
    Today, it is not good situation that Many graduated student can not find job. If I want to retuen to university, I have to leave company which I work for. Lost job means no money in ,just money out. So my parents against me. But I really have a interest in mathematics and computer science.
    My choosing is right ?
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    Hello, jiangxiaoyu. Do you wish to pursue a higher degree? If so, I suggest that you ask the question in the following forum


    Someone who has knowledge the math and computer science area may be able to help you more effectively. Be sure to mention, exactly the type of position you are planning to obtain.

    depending on the particular aspects of your ambition and where you wish to secure the new future career, you may be better off with the work you have, since such a higher degree may not really guarantee you a better future, in relevance to job placement.

    Also, I advise you to not initiate multiple post of the same subject.
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    I am sorry for my multiple post of the same subject.
    I just want to get some suggest about choosing way. Maybe different people has different answer. When I face to general mathematics home work, I am exciting and very interesting in it. So I want to return university without working.
    In that case, I must give out my work. So my parents against me to do like that.
    If you was me, how would you choose ? Can you help me ?
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    Why can't you go to work full time and school part time? If I were you, I would not give up my job. But thats just me. Things are different in Communist China.
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    Generally, My work is much over time work. It is usual without Saturday and Sunday. From Monday to Friday, many times I often go home very late and study over middle night. The next day morning I must get up brfore 6 AM, else I can not get the company bus.
    It is for matriculation that just have three examinations. I want to be a graduated student. It is needs hight matriculation score. If I not give up my work, I will have not time for such many subjects. If I give ut my job, I will not get money for two years at least.
    I am puzzle. Can you help me ?
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    Jiangxiaoyu, you may be interested in a website called Wikipedia. It is a website that is an encyclopedia and has almost anything you want to know about in it. I know the Chinese government blocks the site, but it is good. To go to it click on "https://proxify.com" and type in "https://en.wikipedia.org" Make a checkmark in the "remove all cookies" and "hide referrer information" and click on the proxify button next to where you typed the website in. The new website is Wikipedia, and you can type in a word in the little search box on the left side of the website and click go to learn about something. Try typing in "bus" or "matriculation" You can also type in "https://zh.wikipedia.org" for the site in Chinese version, but the site is not as big. There are not as many things in it. Tell me if this way works, or if you are still not allowed to see it.

    Do you already use the websites? They are very good.

    Where can you get money if you don't keep the same job? I think you should go to the university.
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    I am from Hong Kong. Work is a very long term thing. The general working life is about 30-40 years depending on where you live. If I were you I would start comparing the years ahead and the career prospect in the following scenerio:
    1. continue to work in present capacity, given promotion on the basis of seniority, and possible redundancy because of technological advances and competition etc, where would I be in 40 years' time.
    2. study maths and other subjects, where would I be in 40 years' time.
    You gotta think LONG TERM.
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    Thank you MK. I am on wikipedia.
    Thanks Polly. Your reply is very useful.
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    Only you can decide. How will you support yourself at university? How will you support yourself afterwards?
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    Yes , this four years I think it is enought money for my education. I like do scientific research work rather than the work I have been doing.
    I have the courage of my own convictions.
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