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Medical Is it serious enough

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    i know u don't give medical advice but i just wanted to know if my symptoms are strong enough to go to a&e coz doctors are closed today

    i have a headache which has lasted about 2 months, every now and again i get severe migranes and this pain is not like that it's more wierd.
    my jaw and neck hurts too, and i feel nauseous, and recentely my vision has become blurred
    and i know tis sounds crazy but my viens hurt too... or atleast i think it's my veins
    pain worsens at night time and wakes me up

    i've typed what i'm feeling in google but i'm not getting any answers
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    Get to a doctor as soon as you can. You seem to have a lot of stuff going on, but pain in the neck and jaw can be signs of a heart attack.
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    im only 21
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    Age does not matter, see your doctor as soon as possible.
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    Age doesn't matter, you could have been born with a problem that is just now getting serious, you could have gotten an infection in the past which is now causing problems.

    Go to the doctor.
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    im going to leave it till tuesday 3 days, coz tomorrow is sunday and the doctors are closed and it's snowing on monday and i dont want to take out my newborn in these conditions... do think thats ok?
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    No. Get some medical attention.
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    Call NHS direct: 0845 4647. They are very good, and will advise you whether you need to seek medical attention, or whether it can wait until Tuesday. (I'd guess you shouldn't wait, since your symptoms sound serious.. but then I'm not a doctor).

    By the way, I'm guessing you're from the UK based on your use of the term "a&e".. if you're not from the UK, then there may be a similar service in your country.
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    ok thanx i will do, i'll call nhs direct, i didn't think of that...
    and yes i am from the uk
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    It could simply be migraines caused by eyestrain, it could be anything, migraines have odd symptoms. NHS direct have advice up to the level of Dr and even beyond so that should be your first port of call. You can check out their website on line too.


    Pain when moving head up and down could be meningitis but this sounds unlikely.
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    temporal arteritis... i'm healthy and only 22 - now... wow!
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    I'm glad you've had it checked it out, you should never neglect a persistent headache.

    It was probably not a diagnosis you expected, I hope you feel better soon.
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