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Is it too risky?

  1. Aug 10, 2009 #1
    I am 19 and from Hong Kong. I love this forum very much!
    I studied business subjects in secondary school(high school) but i am going to study physics and mathematics in university. Therefore, i only have limited knowledge in physics and math.
    Although the university will provide some bridging courses to me, is this decision too risky?

    Besides, is it possible to be a physicist or a mathematician if i did not study science in secondary school(high school)?

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    The risk is only in the first year, actually. You will make it or you won't. You will catch up and be good at it, or you won't. After the first year, what you've done in high school matters little. The amount of science and maths you will have to deal with is in any case much bigger than what you could have done during all the years in HS.
    You will have a harder time than others in the beginning, and the other thing is, you know less whether you really like the material and whether you will be good at it. That would be different if you had done a more science-oriented HS. But if it turns out that you can handle the first year, then this problem will be gone.

    Some advice: if you can, try to use the time that is still left to catch up with maths. Maybe there are courses you can follow, or maybe you can study on yourself using a book or so. It will be time well spend. It will reduce the "step" you will have to make.

    As an anekdote: one of the greatest mathematical physicists alive, Ed Witten, is actually a historian by education, if I'm not mistaking.
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    If I were in your shoes,
    I will just major in physics/math and minor in another
    since double major takes too many risks especially in hong kong educational system (three years of college)

    you know, you can study whatever you like whenever on your own. And while you are at college, you can always sit in classes =)
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