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B Is it true that a rocket at light speed has infinite mass?

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    I read some time ago a resume of the book the Crack In The Cosmic Egg and this is more or less what it told:

    When a rocket acquires light speed its mass becomes infinite which creates a gravity force field that crunches all the universe making it restart.

    Its argued that to propel a rocket to light speed you need infinite work but then your time is zero so lets check the equations:

    Work=force by distance
    Force=mass by acceleration
    Acceleration=velocity by time

    But time zero so velocity infinite so aceleration infinite so force infinite so work infinite

    So how plausible do you think this book is?
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    Vanadium 50

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    If your description is accurate, not at all.
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    It's impossible to describe an object with mass travelling at the speed of light in relativity. So any conclusions drawn from relativity about what would happen if something with mass did travel at the speed of light are nonsense.
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    On these words of wisdom, thread closed.
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