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Is it true that 'during' a nuclear reaction such as in our sun

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    Is it true that 'during' a nuclear reaction such as in our sun that there is a (period of time?) in which matter is in a state of chaos?

    I ask for a reason. IF IT WERE SO that 'matter' was in a state of chaos, is there a period of time when that space-time cannot be defined as either matter nor as energy? If not, what is the name of that (state?). IF there were such a 'state', would it not 'exist' in places in the whole of (or other parts of) the universe? Does this account for any 'missing' mass?
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    Re: Chaos

    What does it mean for matter to be in "a state of chaos?" Chaos theory deals with deterministic systems that are very sensitive to initial conditions. I can't even fathom how matter could be in "a state of chaos."
    Spacetime is never defined as either matter or energy.
    Are you reaching for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle here?
    I don't believe so.

    - Warren
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