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Is it true that e = mc² ?

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    is it true that e = mc² ?
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    Nope. The whole thing is a hoax. Einstein never existed. E=mc2 is government propaganda designed to brainwash you. And all the moderators on this site are aliens. Congrats on uncovering the truth :).
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    ahaha....lol :)
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    Way to go, Doofus. :grumpy:

    Now we're gonna have to cook up a whole new cover. :grumpy: :grumpy:
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    We can just use project franzbear to cover it up.
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    If we're being pedantic its only the low velocity limit the whole truth is uncovered in special relativity. I suggest reading through the collected papers of Einstein. It's not as tough as it may sound because he has a great way of explaining his logic to all.
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    Did I miss something :biggrin:
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    Probably. :tongue:
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