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Is it true that you can learn things when your asleep?

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    Is it true that you can learn things when your asleep? ie those tapes etc
    Additionally if you do learn things are you forcing the brain to work during a period it needs to rest and or recuperate
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    Another God

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    I think if they really worked, then everyone would be doing it wouldn't they?
    I think it has problems with it. Don't know anything about disturbing sleep.
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    Re: Sleep

    Last or 2 weeks on a scientific program on television, they were discussing the impact of sleep on learning. The scientists observed that you are learning (so to speak) during sleep.

    What they have done is that they ask people to learn a new ability or skill and then they put a group with an normal nigth of sleep and another group with shorter sleeping period. What they found out is that the ligth sleep (high brain activity and eye are moving) period increase in the people that have learn during the day. The scientist then tested if the people had better skills . the group with no or little sleep did not improve their skills whereas the group normal sleep improve their skills by 70%. Another scientist also find out that the third nigth of sleep after learning a new skill has an impact and the second nigth does not have any impact. They also find out that skills related to sports are also learn by sleeping. The deep sleep is more important in that case. they also found out that sleep does not improve the by heart memorisation process. On the other hand they did not talk about listening to tape while you sleep.

    In conclusion, if you have to study for an exam you start 3 days before, have a good nigth of sleep the first nigth, party the second nigth, and have a good of slepp the 3rd nigth. then you should be ok. god I should known that passing throught my B.Sc.
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    Sleep itself has important functions, one of them being to arrange experiences of the day efficiently. If you wish to learn more, get just the sleep you need, then spend that time saved from sleep for wakeful listening to the tapes with more comprehension.
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    The human potential during "sleep" is what you would like to limit it to. Desire is the key to accomplishment and a "true" need to understand is the greatest motivation.
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    And cannot one continue to have this "need to understand" [subconsciously] while sleeping?
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    wat about learning stuff when hynopthised?(i dun knoe hoe to spell that word)sort of like a trance...supposed to let your subcounscious mind surface...wont it be better to learn things then?
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    Hypnotism increases suggestablity, but you won't learn what you don't want to. What you can "learn" under hypnotism is relaxation, better recall of past events, and modification of habitual behaviors.
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    I had thought that there was a point right before you reach deep sleep that was the best time to "learn while you were sleeping" but if that is the case at what point do you stop learning

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    Re: Re: Sleep

    Can't this simply mean that the people with better sleep had a better oportunity to concentrate in following days ? (instead of understanding it that people where learning while sleeping !).

    I currently do not believe that human can learn in the 'deep sleep', but IF this was possible, i am sure people would be able to learn better if they slept thost 'sleep learning times', and tried to learn while they are awake :smile:
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    Oh sleep ! it is a gentle thing,
    Beloved from pole to pole !
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    Re: Re: Re: Sleep

    What they test is if sleep had an effect on learning. The people learn then they sleep but they did not learn the next day. The sleep after learning was tested. So concentration on following days is out the probable effect.
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    Can you please expand on that??? I am not sure to what part you are saying "NO" to.......
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