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Is it weird to give a thank-you gift for letters of reccommendation?

  1. Mar 4, 2015 #1
    I noticed that there is another thread on this, however my situation is a bit different in that I am only a junior so it is very possible I will be asking these professors for a letter of recommendation again. I think that a gift card or something similar would be a bit inappropriate (though I did buy a gift card for my internship supervisor who I will never see again), but I just made cookies, and didn't know if it would be appropriate to each give them a dozen or so. I am in a very small physics department in the US, so all of my professors know me quite well.

    Anyway... thoughts?
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    Why not bring in a box of cookies or goodies for the whole department instead and says thanks for everything they've done and taught you?
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    Technically a gift in exchange for a letter of reference can call into question the authenticity of the reference letter. And officially your department may have a strict policy against something like this.

    That said, for all practical purposes I don't think anyone would bat an eyelash at some cookies as a thank-you.

    Besides, this is a scenario that can end very succinctly with the phrase, "what evidence?"
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