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Is It Worth Thinking About?

  1. Apr 20, 2008 #1
    Theres so many questions, why are we here, whats our purpose etc...

    Why does there have to be an answer, can't we just accept what is, and live life in ignorance?

    I'm sure many will argue that tryign to find the answer to the ultimate question is our purpose in life, but if there is no answer and there is no purpose, arn't we trying to solve an unsolvable problem, maybe it is our ignorance of thinking we can answer the question that provides the drive to keep doing so.

    But to me finding answers isnt living, its wasting time, our most valuable comodity, and therefore i can only conclude 'get busy living, or get busy dieing'.

    Im young and perhaps my views will most certainly change with age, but i struggle to see the point in thinking about the ultimate question of purpose, meaning and exsistence.

    What do you think?
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    I think you just contradicted yourself.
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    And why would that be?
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    Reread your title and your first sentence!
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    yeh but if you read all i put, i have asked if the question is worth thinking about, that doesn't mean i don't think about it. As i have already said i struggle to see the point in doing so, but that doesn't mean it doesn't cross my mind. Stop trying to be a smart arse and actually contribute to the question.
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    Look, I honestly do believe that the contradiction implies the answer: yes, it is worth thinking about such things. Or, perhaps just that there is no way around them.
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    I also share similar views:
    Work until you die
    meaning of life: world of warcraft (or similar game, that has infinite levels)

    philosophy: waste of time (must stay away from it! - should learn ASP.Net instead, or do something that can really help others)

    Maybe I am 19, so I believe in actions.
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    Without getting into the whole contradiction of you actually wasting some of a valuable commodity such as, time, to address an issue you don't feel is worth addressing, I will say I agree to a certain extent.

    A lot of philosophical questions that some people find complicated only become complicated because they added their human bias to it. A perfect example would be "what is the purpose of life?" That seems like a meaningless question. I say it's 'meaningless' because it really doesn't add any valuable insight on how to live your life. People will give you different answers, sometimes contradicting other answers, and even history will show you that there's no absolute formula for living that would equal 'purpose.'

    So yes, I agree that some philosophical issues have unnecessary layers to them. I still don't understand why some people have to constantly add unfounded layers to an issue, but that's just the way it is.
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