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Is it worth to take a minor?

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    I'm really interested in CS major. Unfortunately, I almost finish my EE major. If I take 1 more extra semester to get a minor in CS. Is it worth to do that? I could use CS as elective courses. But I didn't know about it earlier so I did take all 400 level math (4 courses) for my elective course. So, I'm already done with my elective. Right now, If I want to take minor in CS, I have to take extra semester to do so. Is it worth to do it, and if yes, why would you think it is worth it?

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    Is it worth it to you?

    If it's to satisfy your intellectual curiosity or hunger for knowledge, I'd say go for it. Otherwise, it's not something you will not be able to learn down the road.
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    IMHO, minors are a waste of time.
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    They might be a waste of time if they are obtained for cosmetic reasons. It never hurts to broaden's one horizons. After all, the purpose of obtaining higher education is to improve oneself intellectually and spiritually.
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    I majored in physics with a math minor. Would I have gotten the same graduate program without the minor? Yes. Would school have been easier without it? Probably. Would I know as much math? No.

    So to echo the other comments, do it if it interests you, not to pretty up your resume.
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    do your major. take classes that interest you. if you happen to get the class that count as a minor, wonderful. if not, no sweat.

    and dont force it.
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    I had CS as minor and it was easier to find a job with that.
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    I asked about this (because my major is math/CS and it seemed like the entire world was doing math minors, but I wouldn't be able to fit in any other minor) and they said just take the classes that interest you. They said pretty much what flemmyd said. I heard that most people don't look at what the minor exactly is, and that the actual coursework is what matters.
    If you take a math minor, you would learn more math than if you didn't take it, but there's a good chance you'd learn the same amount of math if you took the same number of math courses, but not the ones that necessarily contributed to the minor.
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