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Is lambda a true force?

  1. Feb 11, 2006 #1
    Lambda (the cosmological constant) is frequently refered to as a sort of "negative gravity": instead of attractive it's repulsive, and instead of getting weaker with distance it gets stronger.

    However in General Relativity gravity is not regarded as a true force, but just as the manisfestation of spacetime's geometry on the movement of matter and energy.

    1. Is lambda a true force or just a spacetime distortion like gravity?
    If a true force, is it expected to have a carrier particle associated?

    2. Does lambda act on matter/energy, or on the fabric of spacetime itself? (would a region of spacetime devoid of any matter/energy stretch due to lambda? or only if it contains matter/energy?)

    3. How the hell can we conceive of any influence that gets stronger with distance?
    Is not distance, by definition, a concept that "separates"? that makes 2 points in spacetime less likely (or needing longer time) to influence eachother?
    What could be a conceivable mechanism that allows lambda to have a stronger interaction with something distant than with something close?

    4. Is lambda's influence supposed to propagate at the speed of light?
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    Sorry I double-posted this question. I had it posted in "Physics/Relativity" then I thought it might better be here in Cosmology.
    I already got some answers in "Relativity".
    If the administrator wishes, he may move one of both, merge them or whatever.
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    An Einstein thing . . . Think about it.
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