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Is LaTeX-capability available to others?

  1. Mar 24, 2004 #1
    Sorry if this has been discussed, but I couldn't find it anwhere.

    I am impressed -- no, astonished -- at this site's abilty to incorporate LaTeX. Does this capability come with vbulletin?

    If not, is this capability available to other boards other than this one?
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    We thank this feature to our site's own genius Chroot
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    Okay, but is he willing to share his ability with other board administrators?

    Keep in mind that some institutions may be willing to pay for this capability. I certainly would if the price was reasonable.
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    Yes, other boards have the ability.

    here is one for phpBB

    here is another one for phpBB

    http://forums.ibplanet.com/index.php?showtopic=2150&hl=latex [Broken] is one for Invision

    I wouldn't expect vbulletin to have many mods since it's not free software like most other forums. phpBB and Invision have the most mods.
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    Speaking of TeX support for applications, is there some way to get it in something like AIM?

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    For a program like AIM, wouldn't the latex interpreter have to be on your friend's computer, not yours?
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    I imagine both parties would want it... But that still doesn't change the question of whether or not such a thing exists.

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    You'd be suprised

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    So any ideas on AIM TeX?

    I personally think it'd be pretty useful. It's difficult to express equations with just plain typesetting and its even worse over the phone. And then it's a major pain in the ass to have to prepare a .pdf document or a word document just to show one or two equations...

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    Well, I ain't writing it, that's for sure.

    - Warren
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    I guess someone could just create the LaTeX equations using the offline program and take a screenshot of it and send the screenshot to the friend via AIM. Im pretty sure that is a little easier than putting it into a PDF.
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    Where can you download an offline program to make the equations?

    It'd be a huge help, as I help people quite frequently on AIM, and my current method of trying to draw various symbols or fractions in paint aren't too useful.
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