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Is LaTeX supported in Blogs ?

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    Maybe I am just stupid, but I am getting weird stuff back when I try to post latex in my blog.

    Here is a screenshot of my preview after entering some very simple code:

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    I vaguely remember someone in the past saying that it doesn't work, but take that with a grain of salt until you hear it from someone with authority.
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    LaTeX is enabled in blogs. It just looks like you have some sort of cache problem. It happens with the preview function in the forums ocassionally as well. Try refreshing a couple of times.
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    I had similar problems with LaTeX on forums. That was happening after the server move, not sure about the current situation - since problems started I haven't used LaTeX in my posts.
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    Well, I just tried it from a different computer and I got the exact same result for different code. That would eliminate the cache theory right?

    It's funny...this does happen occasionally as Borek mentioned. Somehow Latex is linking the code that I just wrote to another code that I wrote about a month ago in another thread.

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    So I just read the link that robphy gave me and it appears that Latex is not available in blogs.

    How come? Can we do something about that? :smile:
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    latex works in the blogs, the preview is just screwy

    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=790 [Broken]
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    Cools. Greg=-1 Good to know! :smile:
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    Weird, Greg's LaTex blog appears wrong here:
    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?do=list [Broken]
    I see


    Also, LaTex does not appear to work properly in blog comments.
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