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Is Life an Illusion?

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    If reality is that which exists after we stop believing, would that be akin to saying we were never here? How could we possibly tell? Surely there would be no way of ascertaining this if everything was purely physical. :smile: And yet consciousness isn't physical is it? Hmm ... Is it possible consciousness transcends both time and space? ... throughout Eternity that is. Or, are we stuck with being fleeting illusions unto ourselves?
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    interesting.... surely there is no one provable 'reality' as long as there are seperate living entities experiencing wholly different things generalised using language? or am i confusing things? i am assuming we as humans are not the be all and end all as far as dictating what it is to be. an animal without our language surely exists even though the concept of existing is a human trait. by growing up without verbal language one would live in a real world experiencing phenomena taking place over time would they not?

    conscioussness... what a wonderful thing, i reckon the illusion concept that is found globally throughought the worlds mystic traditions must have an element of truth, whatever truth may be. alternative states of consciousness are real but may not necessarily be physical in the traditional sense: to dream is simply one of the many.

    eternity is right now, hold on...now, and i think due to subjective interpretations of time, the answer is yes, consciousness goes beyond time and space.

    addition: to change ones opinion and keep living conscious of that change would be to consciously evolve, would it not? do human beings (and any beings for that matter) have a consciousness that is developing seperate to the physical body? i do not assume we as a collective are any more consciously evolved than we were thousands of years ago, although this seems possible.

    keep it (un)real :wink:
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    For only $29.95 you too can own the secrets to the universe! Is existence real or illusory? Does anything really matter? What the heck is matter anyway?

    Send cash or money order to:

    wuliheron@hotmail.com :rofl:
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    I don't know? But hey, if there was an afterlife, does that mean it was just an afterthought? Ha ha ha! :biggrin:
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    Hey, did you know that both time and space are born of the moment? Therefore the moment which, is where consciousness resides, transcends both time and space. The moment is here, now and everywhere ... and, Eternal. :smile:

    Matter is the outcropping of one's intent ... Universal or otherwise. :wink:
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    For only $29.95....

    Likewise, if you wish to know what the moment is or your intent.... :rofl:
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    There is no escape, there is no easy way out. Every moment paid in full.
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    Afraid the book hasn't come out yet, at least not so anybody can buy it yet. Sorry ... :wink:
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    nonsensical illuminations

    I'm afraid any book that claims to contain the secrets of the universe would not meet my mind in any positive fashion*, as if some material construction could ever enlighten! what am i saying- i'm an artist!ha ha. sorry for the muse, but oh all and mighty where oh where is the commonality - is the concept of language and its inherent generalisations on it's way out?

    peace to all who know nothing(ness) :smile: ha ha..

    what the english language is capable of: EXERCISE IN BRACKETS
    (SEE (observe (percieve (quantify))) WHAT (that which ) I (one single human entity (generalisation concerning the arrangement of cells (generalisation concerning the arrangement of molecules (generalisation concerning the arrangement of atoms (etc.))))) MEAN (understand (comprehend by way (journey) of body/mind (and everything in between) conclusions (statements (words stringed together logically) to ones self (manifestation of the said body/mind complex) to crystallise a personal notion or idea (imaginative energy usage) that results in an action (realisation)))

    *note: a book can contain elements of truth, of course, but one with such claims would arouse suspicious brain vibrations! :rofl:
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    interesting proposition suggestive of a true magician! hail :smile:
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    According to Hinduism, life is maya (illusion). I think life is an illusion because of our own limitations of thought, not that God is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

    "God may be sophisticated but he is not malicious"---Albert Einstein
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    No problem, just send me the money anyway and you'll get an idea of the difference between reality and illusion. :tongue2:
  14. Sep 9, 2004 #13
    Besides being conscious, there is very little that any of us knows. :wink:
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