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Is light composed of strings?

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    I am asking is light as it is related to particles could be (wave/particle theory)
    could be composed of strings.


    Has anyone seen any publications or authors who support this idea?

    Chris Walters
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    Gib Z

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    Umm well in String theory Yes >.< In string theory every fundamental particle is no longer a point or sphere, but a vibrating string.
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    Is there any convergence upon a geometry of these vibrating strings? I've often thought WFHagen's Engergiewirbel could be thought of as string geometry - though I'm not sure he would agree. What I found exciting was that this single force vector (string?) could be used explain pair creation/anilliation, particle geometry, weak and strong NF, and even gravity. I would think the string community would resonate with it. :)
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