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Is mass equivalent to energy?

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    Is mass equivalent to energy

    Light wave is a effect of the vabration of atom's sphere time-space determined by the double-focus principle. Light wave is a serial time-space spherical wave. light wave carries curvature and kinetic energy, but not mass.Suppossition that light wave transfers a equivalent mass is wrong. So, the mass-energy formula created by Einstein is also wrong.

    Energy is equivalent to the change in the curvature of time-space.

    Reference: THING AND ITS LAW ( ISBN 1-58939-525-5), chapter 2,5, published by Virtualbookworm.com publishing.Inc.
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    Huh? Well, the one part I understood clearly:
    It was unambiguously demonstrated to be correct in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1949.
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    M is E is moving net.
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    I'm wondering what "Thing" is and why we are even concerned about "It's Law".
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    It's just a person spamming someone's book. :smile:
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    I know, but it's a rather silly title!
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    umm whats more about light, what is it's mass?

    just fields? of energy?
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    That is not true. Light does carry mass. And if one goes by the definition of mass where mass is the ratio of momentum to speed (aka "relativistic mass") then light has mass (although it has no proper mass).

    You ask Is mass equivalent to energy? - Is mass equivalent to kinetic energy? Is height equivalent to gravitational potential energy?

    I'd say they are related in that if you increase either the internal energy or the kinetic energy of a body then it's (relativistic) mass increases.
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