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Is Masters in Computational/Mathematical biology a good idea?

  1. Feb 28, 2013 #1
    The job market for physicists lacking computational background (and perhaps for everyone except MDs) is horrible! This is true even when I keep all my options open: academia and industry. It seems like every postdoc position in any discipline is requires 'extensive' computational skills in addition to the specialty. I am actually starting to regret that I have ever done a PhD in physics! All I could get so far is part-time teaching and making less than a graduate student without any benefits!

    With that aside, I have a chance to pursue a (paid!) MS in applied mathematics in the field of computational/mathematical biology from a prominent university in order to make myself a more competitive physicist. After completing this I will have 'extensive' computational skills in addition to my physics degree.

    Do you think this is worth doing? Or I will just find myself at the beginning of another dark tunnel after two years? Should I just stick to my part-time until I find, someday, a full time position at a community college? At this time I simply want a full time position or something that will lead to it in order to feed my family.
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