I Is Matter Conscious?

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Why the central problem in neuroscience is mirrored in physics.

'Physics tells us that matter is made of particles and fields, which have properties such as mass, charge, and spin. Physics may not yet have discovered all the fundamental properties of matter, but it is getting closer.

Yet there is reason to believe that there must be more to matter than what physics tells us. Broadly speaking, physics tells us what fundamental particles do or how they relate to other things, but nothing about how they are in themselves, independently of other things.'

I ask this after browsing previous threads on PF, from search results on the keyword 'consciousness'.
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From the NAUTILUS article
This is not a valid source for discussion here; it's not a textbook or peer-reviewed paper. You can find lots of opinions about matter and consciousness, but without some kind of experimental testability, they're philosophy, not physics, and this is a physics forum.

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