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Is my post counter stuck?

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    Seems like it's been at 47 for a long time. Also I'm not seeing the picture for my avatar. It's within the pixel and k byte limits.
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    Posting in certain areas of the forum (General Discussion) does not contribute to your post count. If it did, I think a few of us would have a million posts :P
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    You also don't have an avatar, you have a profile picture. Avatars are one of the perks of being a PF Contributor.

    The search function is pretty helpful for questions like these.
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    Posts in the https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=34 [Broken] do not increase your count. Avatars are only for contributing members, what you have uploaded is a profile picture which anyone can have. Once you have an avatar you can set it separately, it could be the same picture as your profile or different.
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    thanks for the quick reply. But I don't see my profile picture. Or is that only visible on my profile page?
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    Yes, it is only visibly on your profile page.
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