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Is nature a reflection of who we are as individuals?

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    I once heard a very interesting thought through a zen story, that said "Nature reflects the true self." So simple, yet I had felt that before, but didn't know how to explain so crispe and clear. Now, the problem for me comes with the question not doubting this thought, since we have our own ideas of the experience we call life, but at the core foundation of what were sharing in a experience, what is going on? We both perceive a rose, I hate them as others love them, but how do you explain the focal point of what we are judging, if our world reflects who we are? The it seems that with our differences, nature would clash. Does it? Though I believe this thought, another problem comes to mind of what came first, our personality perceiving it, or the environment causing our personality. I know it might seem obvious that you need to experience something, then it effects who or what you are from that piont on, but my reason behind this long drawn out question, is that I have studied things like dream experience. Testing things I have not yet experienced in my life in a dream, then in the real world. They compare accurate. So how did I have a pre knowledge of a feeling, or texture in my dream before "reality", if I had never experienced that. It seems as our minds create what we experience, a little more then we think. What do you think?
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    Man, you are a glutton for punishment, aren't ya?

    There are fora where you will receive warmer welcome to your questions than here.
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