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Is NCSU within my reach? And other "safety schools"

  1. Aug 4, 2014 #1
    Hey guys,

    i am an industrial engineering student from india studying in one of the top 5 colleges down here (NIT only next to IIT's). I am applying for 2015. and i have selected few schools as of now. I just wanted to make sure is the list i have is "okay"

    My profile as of now -
    1 Journal articles in physics (general relativity)
    4 Projects in physics (2 summer and 2 winter projects) (general relativity and Quantum mechanics)
    1 Statistical Math Project
    1 project to mathematically model product life cycle (used physics model for solving industrial engineering problems)
    1 conference (this summer)
    1 Lecture course by Prof michael berry (this summer)
    1 Summer school in advance quantum mechanics IMSc (institute of mathematical sciences)

    Over all GPA now in indian system = 7.2/10
    GRE 315
    PGRE yet to take.

    Selected schools -
    Ambitious - CMU, Zurich
    Moderate- NSCU , SCSU, Waterloo

    Other list - SUNNY buffalo, Univ of pittsburgh,Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville ,Univ of Kansas , michigan state , SUNNY stony broke, Univ of torento

    I want to select couple of more univs from the "other list" that i would have a shot on.

    please do tell me if these selection are over ambitious or okay-ish or too low for my profile.

    And if i am applying (sending my scores and stuff) to department of physics for masters of physics program, do i have to apply separately for the astronomy(or any other physics) program or would mine be automatically considered for it too ?

    Thanks a lot in advance
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