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Is Noetic Science valid?

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    is noetic science a valid science field?
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    Welcome to PF!

    As a starter, PF doesn't discuss these kinds of topics in general. We specialize in students working through mainstream STEM courses with questions on science and math.

    For Noetic Science: No its not a science, its more of an alternative philosophy of mind:

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    Noetic Science is pseudoscience promoted by Dan Brown in The Lost Symbol. Give no consideration to it.
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    alright, but then what is IONS?
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    It's the "institute" that promotes it. Notice they have a nice big link to their store on their website. Lots of money to be made in junk science.
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    Everyone can start their own institute to promote whatever they want.
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    As has been explained, it's not scientifically valid and is against our policy to discuss.
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