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Is only GR enough for proved the event horizon

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    I do a little project about photon at the event horizon. I use GR to proved that anything in the event horizon can't escape from black hole, but a Prof. say that I must use string theory.But I did't accept with him.So, if someone know about it.Please Help me :cry: .

    (I have to tell you that I'm thai people so my english may terrible.Please Forgive me for that.And if someone already ask this question, I'm sorry for ask it again.But I didn't find it anywhere in the forum)
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    Why does he say you have to use string theory?

    Are you taking a string theory course?

    Is he a string theory professor?

    For what purpose are you working on this problem? For some purposes just getting the answer would be enough, but for other purposes, like learning to do string physics, you would have to use a particular method.

    ADDED: Here is a set of introductory lecture note on black holes and string theory. http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-th/pdf/9901/9901050.pdf [Broken]. I found it by searching on the four words photon string black hole with google scholar.
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    The existance and description of blackholes have been around since before string theory existed. In no way does one have to use string theory to prove anything in relativity.

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    You can use string theory to 'prove' just about anything. I consider it an exercise in futility.
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    Thank you everyone for your answer.I'll do more research.
    My project is just a high school project and I didn't learn any of string in class. I just want to know how GR tell us that it's not have anything that can escape from black hole.
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