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Is our galaxy one of the first

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    To form, is it one of the oldest?
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    Yes, it appears it is.

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    Good link, Vast. And that should not be surprising. Large spiral galaxies like ours appear to be quite mature.
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    Also note that today's MW galaxy is likely a very different critter than the one which formed soon after the Dark Ages ended. For starters, most of the stars which make us look like a spiral are very young; for seconds, we've been snacking on small fry galaxies from Day One, and we're still eating!
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    Are "Milky-way" type of galaxies common?
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    According to Spiral Galaxies - Spirals are not the most common type of galaxy.
    Our neighboring Galaxy, M31 or Andromeda, is also a spiral galaxy. Both are in the Local Cluster.

    Milky Way Galaxy Wikipedia

    Milky Way Spiral Structure

    The Milky Way Galaxy - A Grand Design U. of Oregon

    Spiral galaxy

    Spiral galaxies

    also on Wikipedia -

    List of Galaxies
    Groups or clusters of Galaxies
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    Just wanted to note for clarity that, even though they're not the most common type of galaxy, spirals are not unusual. (i.e., not a rare type)
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