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Is Petroleum Engineering for Me?

  1. Apr 25, 2012 #1
    I am a junior in high school taking college courses full time, and I plan to do the same next year. I live in Appalachian Ohio on a farm. With the development of the Marcellus Shale around my area, and the distilling plant to be in Pittsburgh, I am considering going into Petroleum Engineering. Most likely get my master's degree. I know that I want do do something with math & science. So, I have a few questions.
    1)I want to work with my head AND my hands. Will I be working on a rig/drilling site?
    2) My uncle left me part of the farm (about 130 acres+ a house), and I don't want to move too far from home. Our ground has been leased for the Marcellus Shale oil, and some of the ground neighboring us has reportedly been leased for thousands of dollars per acre, so if the oil is here, it is right in my backyard. Could I get a job that would be stable that wouldn't require me to move very far from home?

    My dad thinks I should stay home, not go to college, and farm. NOT happening, but I still don't want to sell the ground that I own that has been in my family for multiple generations.

    I guess going to Pittsburgh wouldn't be too far, or anywhere in Ohio.
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