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Is PF funded by Gambling Website?

  1. Oct 7, 2004 #1
    Sometimes, when i surf PF, a pop-up of online casino appears.
    is it funded by gambling?
    could it be porn site next time? :rofl: :tongue2:
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    I think this recent comment by Enigma sums it up.

    The ads help fund the site. The staff tries to make sure that innapropriate ads are removed.

    Ads are blocked for contributors. If more people would contribute, we might be able to do away with the ads completely.
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    Evo, you'll vote whom as president?
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    Math Is Hard

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    I would think it's more likely you have "adware" on your computer if you're getting pop-up windows advertising this content. Is it only when you go to PF?
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    Yeah, I was also pretty sure there were only banner ads here, no pop-ups. I don't know if that has changed. It's quite a leap from gambling to porn though! Is porn all you think about? If you ever do see an ad for porn, definitely report that to the admins right away! That would be inconsistent with the objectives of this site to provide a place for young people to learn science.
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    I don't get banners or popups, and I'm not a contributer.
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    Firefox, Firefox, Firefox.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Me, of course! :biggrin:
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    Not really. About a year ago, I had to clean almost all of the adware off of my computer manually (I started out by 'deleting' unwanted 'free' programs which kept appearing on my computer, which made 'uninstalling' them a lot more difficult). If you research the problems on the internet and you look at the list of sites for the popups that indicate a given problem, there seems to be as many porn sites as gambling sites for some adware.
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    This comes up quite a lot; probably worth you saying more cragwolf (I know it's repetitious, but in this case repetition is GOOD! :smile: )
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    No, PF is not funded by a gambling site but by contributors and ads. However, any type of business no matter how small is a gamble, a RISK if you may.

    So far it's paying off quite well...
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