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Is photon God? -fun thinking

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    Is photon God? -fun thinking :)

    what we count for "God" could be photon(s) itself?
    It's beyond time( time has no meaning for a photon can go anywhere anytime as space is shrunk to zero for it), it has a limitless power (can be a gamma ray and destroy any matter it encounters just by changing its frequency) or penetrate into anything (either in harmless forms of radio waves or in more energetic form, x-ray), omnipotent, it is indestructible and it's "closer to you than your arteries"
    The problem with this picture it seems, the photons came into existence with BigBang as the theory suggests.
    Then maybe photons are the reflections or the "form" of God in this universe as the real thing is beyond our universe and can not possibly "be" in ours with His original form---physics of this universe would not permit it.

    After all, the speed of light (in vacuum) may be the ultimate clue to His existence as it's the ultimate limit in the universe and the ultimate constant!
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    No, this is not "fun thinking".

    Please review the forum guidelines regarding religious posts.
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