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Is power conserved?

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    Ok i have this very basic question, Is power in a system conserved or not just like energy is conserved? because for example there is a spring compression setup where i am supplying 2 joules/sec of power for around 10 mins to compress the spring, now after 10 mins i leave it abruptly and it jumps and looses all of its energy in a fraction of a second, now i know the total energy is conserved and is 1200 joules but what about the power? it will be 1200joules/ fraction of a second which means a huge amount of power? can someone guide me please
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    Power is not a conserved quantity.
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    ok then i was right hahaha thanks, i was in a talk with a senior person i don't know why was he arguing with me on that but he said energy is not conserved and he said he can prove it, then he said he give me 2 kW of power and i can give you 10 kW of power :P and i was like yes its possible but that 10 kW would not be for a long while. well thanks for clearing my ambiguity
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