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Is prostitution immoral?

  1. Aug 27, 2004 #1
    Some people think that prostitute is not immoral, they "work" to get their pay, just as other types of professions.

    Prostitution is considered the oldest business in history, it existed in feudal system long time ago.

    What do you think?

    My answer is : YES, it is immoral.
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    Since you, by adhering to scripture as the sole basis and source of morality, you are at the outset disqualified as a subject with moral authority.
    Only when you have developed an individual, moral core in your personality which do not need any external props to guide your actions, can you become a full participant in a reasoned discussion of moral issues.
    In the mean time, learn to grow up and become an adult.
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    Judge not, lest ye be judged. - Matthew 7:1
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    Whore not, lest we be pimped. - Gokul 6:9
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    Mary Magdalene, consort of Jesus Christ, was a prostitute (but we're told she was penitent, so that makes it okay). Was she not the First Apostle, the illuminata illuminatrix ?
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    Great answers Gokul !

    Saint : you definitely need a "I have problems with sex" forum.
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    This is the traditional belief, not at all biblical.
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    Yeah, not biblical because it has been taken away by those horrible guys in Roma.
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    jimmy p

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    Amen Brother!!! :cool: :tongue:
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    These topics are as stupid as the original poster. There is no universal qualifed moral authority. What's moral is in the eye of the beholder.
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    It's a social science and there are definately moral rules we all have to follow: they are written in the letter of the law. Eliciting debate is not stupid.
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    what did "THEY" take away and hide
    the fact that JC was married to mary mags perhaps
    why would JC and his mom care that the wine ran out
    at "SOMEBODYS" wedding as that is the bridegroom's responceabilty

    the hooker charge is a church slander againts mary mags
    remember there are a bunch of marys in this tale
    and they have been mixed up by the church

    back to the first question, prostitution is not immoral
    SEX is not immoral
    the christian church is immoral, repressive, anti-learning, and willing to kill
    anyone who dares to point out these facts, look at their history
    the fact that they RESENTLY have lost the power to force their will on others
    doesnot excise their history of such acts
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    How is prostitution not immoral logically? 1. Your taking a risk at bringing a child into the world with parents who don't love each other. 2. By supporting the industry you help put women in a career that may result in them ending up poor when they are older. There are other ways it causes negative things to happen - those are just two examples.
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    Maybe the problem is what leads today some people in prostitution, that is for social reasons somebody is lead to those extrem solutions to survive. But it might very well be that prostitution by itself has in the past been considered "normal" and useful to society. It may very well be that in another social organisation, prostitutes use contraceptivs (=no unwanted child) and do this job because they like it (=money + not too difficult + ... com'on, don't you like it?). As for the other negative things Dooga is mentioning : are those linked to prostitution by itself, or is it merely a consequence of the way prostitution occurs in our rich developped countries ? Monique : what lead your country to organise prostitution ? It is certainly not only the fact that anyway prostitution is happening, so better tax it.

    For the sake of reference here : I am not really pro/contra prostitution. I am playing the devil's opinion. The truth is : I am hardly confronted to prostitution in my life.
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    First you need to consider the relevant factors: the need to propogate the species, man's happiness (both individually and colectively), man is a social animal who forms not only large groups but also smaller more intimate groups, and further consider a need for stability in these groups.

    When you consider these factors, it seems apparent to me that prostitution is ultimately devisive and not conducive to man's best interest and therefore should be considered immoral.

    arildno responded:
    This arguement is so specious and wrong on so many levels that I ccould hardly begin to correct them in the time I have available. I suggest a class in logical reasoning.

    According to Gokul43201
    This is unresponsive to the original question. What is your point?

    As for Ray b, I find it interesting that you mention "church slander" since your response seems to be an arguement by way of slandering "the christian church"; which is no arguement at all.
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    Im split on the issue.
    The fact remains that the majority of their actions only affect their lives. Does eating at McDonalds promote an unhealthy lifestyle for those around you? Yes.

    Logically the "love" of a child from its parents should have nothing to do with it. If there is a whore-baby could it not be put up for adoption? What about morning after pills? It aborts it before it has any sort of consciousness.

    Logically prostitution is a choice of profession that is not immoral in the sense that immoral actions decrease the ability for a society to grow and induce pain and suffering to the general population. I myslef have never had a prostitute ruin my potential, nor has the majority of the population. It does not cause death or disease. It only affects a small minority of children perhaps raised in that situation where they are basically forced into the profession by their surroundings. But I believe that it brings more "pleasure" in a sense, to the general public than death and decay.

    A decent comparison is driving a car with a child in it. You are making the choice for your children that they accept the risk of being in that car, given the staggering numbers of deaths in auto related accidents. But the catch is that driving provides a service that increases the happiness in your life, and helps the society grow. Remember that you cant say "but EVERYONE drives a car, its necessary in this world." Because scaling has nothing to do with it. Immorality should be a trait that does not increase with numbers. If only one person did it in the world, or a million people did it, moral is moral and immoral is immoral. Its not a matter of how many people perform the action, but rather how many people are affected by the action. I believe the government banning autmobiles would be immoral (never would happen). It would affect too many people, but really only a handful are the cause.

    This is sort of contradictory to any argument Ive made at all though. I do that when iim not sure about my stance. I gues you would have to define a "personal morality" and a "social morality" where one thing can be socially moral but personally immoral. Like if a person didn't have any friends or family and killed themself, it would be socially moral because it does not affect anyone other than himself. But the fact that it affects his wellbeing makes it personally immoral.

    Im just ranting. Time to head to the airport for Miami, gotta catch a flight. Later.
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    I don't think you can strictly say prostitution is immoral (religious stigmas aside). There are plenty of circumstances that one may have to result to prostitution in order to bring food home everynight; you can disapprove, but you can't say it's immoral or just plain "wrong."
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    Yea, theres more of a gauge of immorality/morality of an action rather than a choice between the two. You'd have to ask "How moral is it?"
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    Prostitution isn't any more immoral than taking pay to fix someone's car, to wait on their table, to clean their house, or any other service job.

    The more pertinent question is about it's social implications. In general, it doesn't exactly improve the stability of marriages.

    Even then, its social implications have to be kept in perspective. It certainly has fewer adverse social effects than alcoholism or a gambling addiction (both on society as a whole and on marriages). It even has fewer adverse effects on a marriage than extra-marital affairs, especially if the affair is with a close friend of the family.
  21. Aug 27, 2004 #20
    What do I think?

    I think that your talk about the oldest "business" in history in the same sentence that you mention the feudal system shows that you have no real concept of history at all.

    You have the right to your opinion. However, I think that you are trying to preach, and that you are asking so many questions about morality in order to enable you to preach.

    Prostitution itself if not immoral. Arrogant, selfish people such as yourself make value judgments about the actions of other people. Just because you would not engage in such activities yourself, you feel yourself so righteous that you can pass negative judgments about the morality involved.
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