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Is QED a good book?

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    is QED a good book? i was originally looking at three roads to quantum gravity, but on amazon.com someone said qed was better. are they both on the same topic? if anyone has any insight i would appreciate it.
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    QED is an excellent book. I think everyone who is interested in quantum mechanics should get it. Those books are not at all about the same topic. Feynman's book is mostly about the properties of light. (QED is the theory about electrons, positrons and photons). I don't think it mentions gravity at all.
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    I just finished QED ... excellent book for non-phycisists.

    Speaking of which, can anyone recommend a good follow-up book on the subject?
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    in reading the back and very little of the prologue, three roads to quantum gravity appears to attempt to find a link between quantum mechanics and relativity, or at least pose the problem and information. i may have to check qed out at the library
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