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Is research in 2 scientific fields wise?

  1. Dec 11, 2005 #1
    I've met and read about many researchers who study more than one field,
    usually studying one field of science with applications using math/cs or a crossbreed eg biochem, biophys, biopsych etc.

    As some of you have guessed from my posts, my ambitions lie in using 3D simulations(math/cs) for two scientific fields, physics(astro/geo/class) & cogni-neuroscience(or psychology).

    I was curious to know if any one else has journeyed down this academic
    path...and if you have
    [] how did you get there or more specifically what did you learn first.
    [] How long did it take for you to master coding/math.
    [] Do you think it is wise to attempt to study two fields?
    [] is there any room for researchers in the scientific community to pursue 2
    almost completely different scientific interests

    I was thinking it might be best to pursue physics simulations first because it would seem easier(larger system but easier). Since in my mind, psych sims require me to build or at least find a 3D VW engine.
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