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Is Science right for me?

  1. Mar 17, 2014 #1
    Hello good people, new fish here.

    A little context for you:
    I am a bit of an older student, I am still working on my Associate thanks to my military career slowing down my education with training and overseas duty.

    I am currently on tract to get my education in Political Science, specifically Governing and International Politics. I was a poor student in high school and didn't take math seriously, so I am now paying the price by having to rebuild my mathematics foundation.

    The funny thing is, I am finding I am actually pretty good at it. Since math was always my barrier to getting a career in science, I am reevaluating myself and what I want to do with my life.

    I have always had a love of science and technology, and lately have been considering maybe pursuing a career in Physics or Engineering. Astronomy and Astrophysics are by far my favorites in the P field, in Engineering I am a fan of biomechatronics and development.

    I wanted to come here and ask some people with experience if this might be right for me or if this is just an interest of mine that I am taking too seriously. I am more than able to continue the career path I am on, but I want to be absolutely sure I am making the right choice.

    What is it I should do to see if this really is something I can do for a career?
    Is there any literature I should read? Should I interview or try interning for real Physicists?
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    Probably the best place to start is to enroll in an introductory physics class. If you have the option do it as an elective in your current studies.
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