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Is sin^2x and (sinx)^2 the same?

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    In my calculus class, my teacher is using sin^2x

    I never saw anything like that.. Is it the same as (sinx)^2?

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    If you mean

    [tex] \sin^{2} x = (\sin x)^{2} [/tex]

    yes it's the same!
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    Ok, thanks a lot!

    So, sin^2(x) = (sinx)^2 = sinx*sinx?
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    I have to extend the message.
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    And in case you wonder why he would use that notation, tell me what this means:

    [tex]\sin x^2[/tex]

    Some people never really appreciate the usefullness of parantheses.
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    The angle is squared
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    True, [tex] \sin x ^ 2 = \sin (x^2) [/tex]
    [tex]\sin ^2 x = \left( {\sin x} \right)^2 [/tex]
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