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Is somebody loosing it?

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    We were talking about age discrimination on the job the other morning. I asked my wife if there were any older people where she works. She said "yes but it's mostly youth." Sparks had already flown earlier in other conversations so her answer really bothering me ( I was thinking WTF!) as I repeated my question she got more hostile each time until she left for work slamming the door. Then she came back in to get a forgotten thing so I said "I know it's that you don't know the definition of youth." at which point she threw a bottle of pills at me. I opened the door and said not to come back and that I was going to change the locks. Which I didn't do of course. I realized if you love somebody you stand by them even if they get weird. Am I missing something here? She's not suffering any new dementia that I know of. I've dropped the subject.
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    Are you asking if your wife lost it, or if you have lost it completely and gone nuts??
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    I think the usual manner of dealing with this, as a man, is to state some grumpy really woman-unfriendly nonsense, like: "Must have been a bad hair day," and move on.

    Then again, I do have a lousy track record.
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