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B Is space finite?

  1. Oct 8, 2016 #1

    Is space finite? In my opinion, it is inconceivable that space is finite. If space is finite, what is exactly outside of this stuff we called as space? More space? What exactly surrounds the singularity before the Big Bang event started? If it is nothing that "surrounds" the singularity, then it is actually space that surrounds the singularity. Because space is nothing. Alright, let me define what I mean by nothing. Nothing is that which has no shape. Space has no shape. It is a "where", not a "what" like that which has shape (i.e object).

    Any thoughts?
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    Unfortunately, this just means your ability to conceive is limited. There are plenty of examples of 3-dimensional spaces which are finite (more precisely, which are compact and have a finite volume); the simplest is the 3-sphere:


    Our current best model of our actual universe is that it is spatially infinite; but that is a conclusion from data, and it is not 100% certain; given the data, it is still possible (though unlikely, in the opinion of most cosmologists) that our universe is spatially finite (in which case "space" would in fact be a 3-sphere, as described in the Wikipedia article above). It is certainly not "inconceivable" that space is finite.

    I suggest that you take some time to learn about non-Euclidean geometry. This thread is closed.
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