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B Is space-time (and strings) continuously getting created?

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    I'm not a physicist so forgive me if this is a bad/stupid question, but i was just wondering what the current thinking was on a couple of things. (From what I understand space-time is a bit like a matrix which spreads out over the universe - and also gives us gravity etc?)

    1. Does space time exist outside of the universe or does it get created with the outer part of the expanding universe entering the nothing? (or does it exist outside of the universe) - or is it being stretched out as the universe expands.
    2. What about strings, are they being created as the universe expands, or are they spreading further apart with , or do they exist outside of the universe?

    3. Just a hypothetical question - if the Earth was transported outside of the universe would there be no gravity because there would be no space-time to bend around it? :)
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    1. You have misunderstood. It would be more accurate to say that space-time is the universe.

    2. It is unclear what you mean. Do you mean cosmic strings or the strings which appear in string theory? There is currently no experimental evidence for string theory.

    3. Blue. (You are asking a question essentially akin to asking what physics says about a situation when physics does not apply. "Blue" is as good of an answer as anything else. It is also not clear what you would mean with "outside the Universe".)

    Also, labeling your thread A means you have knowledge on the subject equal to or higher than a graduate student in the field. It is clear from your post that you do not. I have relabeled the thread B.
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