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I Is spacetime granular?

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    May be this experiment will be able tell us soon

    One of the problems to be solved in this respect is that if space-time is granular beyond a certain scale it means that there is a "basic scale," a fundamental unit that cannot be broken down into anything smaller, a hypothesis that clashes with Einstein's theory of special relativity.
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    How long do think it'll take before they actually carry out the experiment?
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    Causal Set Theory alert...

    CST is so left field but its really interesting. Have you guys looked into it at all? Incidentally looks like Stephen Wolfram is playing with something quite similar (though I don't really know how good a physicist he is).

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    Causal set theory is an extension of set theory as originally formulated by Gregor Cantor. Alan Connes is largely credited with its modern incarnation. It remains a very interesting approach to quantum gravity.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    This experiment will not give any kind of answer, it is intended to deduct more information.

    This "problem to be solved" is the biggest problem in physics.
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