Is terrorism so new?

  1. Now that the United States has been absolutely victimized by terror, what lessons can we learn from terrorism in history and elsewhere? Was our Achilles heal complacency, and is it still? Do you have personal experience with terrorism that could enlighten civilized people around the world?
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    In my opinion, the Achilles heel is the ignorance and lack of appreciation for things outside this country.
  4. Terrorism isnt new, but this kinda apocalyptic terrorism is. There are no demands that can ever be met, often there are no demands at all. In a democracy, terrorism and violence always benefits the terrorists.
  5. Every example of terrorism I'm aware of has been accompanied by demands.
  6. Who would you like us to emulate the Red Chinese, the French, or maybe the North Korean's.....fine templates all.
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    I don't think terrorism is new at all. It's a form of a rebellion, but more apocalyptic as studentx said. Al Qaeda or any of the other terrorist cells don't have the abillity to compete with any country on the battlefield by means of traditional warfare, so they resort to terrorism, which you can't blame them for.
  8. What was the demand of 911? Or the two russian airliners that were blown?
  9. You make it sound like these people are on some noble cause. I wouldn't call people killing children in Beslan, Russia and Tel Aviv, Israel noble, I'd call them desperate murderers.
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    Bin Laden has made a number of demands, most along the lines of convert to islam or we'll kill all of you.
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    Since when is desperation a legitimate defense for murder?
  12. Did he make it following 911? I didnt see it. Neither did i see any demands for the russian airliners that were blown, it was in fact denied by those responsible.
  13. The Russians out of their country.

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    Yes, he did. he made a number of tapes shortly after 9/11 with demands.
    That's correct. AFAIK, there was no claim of responsibility, so obviously, no demends.

    Terrorism used to be more similar to kidnapping for ransom: hijack a plane and demand the release of jailed comrades or we'll shoot some hostages, for example. You are right in that these days murder itself is the primary goal.
  16. Adam, mind telling us what the point of those links is?
  17. What's the difference between anti-West islamic terrorism and the crusades? Fewer combatants?


    Haven't most wars been accompanied by raping, pillaging, and razing? Wouldn't that qualify as terrorism, especially if the intent is psychological in nature?
  18. Well....Dan, since you're obviously informed...what was the first crusade in response to? That should clarify the difference and the similarities....and well..the parallels as well.... :surprised (I'm having a flashback to our days on the religion forum :wink: )
  19. Those links point to news stories involving people claiming responsibility for the events in Russia.
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    We're forgetting a few things.

    Between the USSR and the US, plenty of murder happened in the 70's and 80's in the middle east. The USSR and the US decided to get involved in the Middle East, and in doing so they were responsible for quite a few deaths. If we never got involved in Middle Eastern affairs, would terrorism exist today?
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