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Is the big bang theory real?

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    Hi guys, just a quick post about the big bang theory and other possible theories. I am by far no scientist, nor do I work in a scientific environment. I am simply amazed by the creation of the universe and sadly think about it on a regular basis. One thing I could not understand was how all the mass in the universe had always existed and it was this lack of understanding that made my mind work overtime and think of my own possible theory. I am now at a point in my life where I would like to start reasearching and attempting to understand it. Im only 29 and hope this idea will give me something to do when i retire.

    I have a few ideas of my own and would not know where to start looking for evidence to support or disprove my ideas. The main problem with my ideas is that i don't understand them I will also find it difficult trying to explain it. Basic thought towards the theory are as follows:

    Everything that exists is a form of wavelength
    All particles are made from wavelengths
    Mass is not a solid state but a variation of one wavelength to another
    "Mass" can be created
    A wave length can travel at the speed of light through space
    A sound wave can travel through space and it would be at the speed of light
    The most common element found in the universe might have the lowest atomic structure
    Everything started from one basic form of wavelength at a central point of the universe

    If anyone could inform me of research that might have been done and where to find that information or give me there opinion on this or there ideas.

    Many Thanks

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    An intro-level physics text would correct many of your errant notions. You don't even need any recent research.
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    Start from the basics and go out and actually learn physics before you start theorizing. And that is not meant to be an insult, it's what you actually need to do. You're throwing out vague statements using words that don't have any business being put in the same sentence. Saying the "wave length can travel" doesn't make sense. It's like looking at a hot cup of water and saying that the temperature travels. The temperature is a quantity that describes the water. The water itself is the only thing that can actually travel.

    Also, sound waves do not travel through space. Sound is simply variations in air pressure traveling as a wave. It requires a medium. Space basically is empty, sound can't travel through it.Though you are correct that the most common element (Hydrogen) has the simplest atomic structure. The rest is just... words thrown together.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Those were excellent suggestions for getting started, and probably all that needs to be said. I think this is a good place to stop.
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