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Is the choice of engineering stable enough?

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    Hey I was wondering...
    I have been thinking about the various career options before me and I have thought a lot about engineering. I know that the work I would be doing sounds cool at least how it's been described.
    Yet I want to know somethings before I go further...

    1. What aptitudes do you need to be an engineer that can not be learned ?
    2. Is there a domiant personailty in engineering or are most people a mix ?
    3.Is the choice of engineering stable enough? of course counting outsourcing of which I think the impact is unknown.

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    If you want to do engineering, you better enjoy Calculus and Physics, if thos two are something you genuinely like and have a nack for, its for you.


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    Good people are always needed, would consider engineering one of the stable choices out there. Always a place typically somewhere nearby for a good engineer, wouldn't worry about this.
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