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News Is the CIA a Terrorist Organization?

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    According to the United States Department of Defense, terrorism is:

    The CIA

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the American intelligence agency, responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals, and reporting such information to the various branches of the U.S. Government. A third function of the CIA is to act as the "hidden hand" of the government by engaging in "covert actions" at "the direction of the President."

    The CS (Clandestine Service)
    The CS is the only part of the [Intelligence Community], indeed of the government, where hundreds of employees on a daily basis are directed to break extremely serious laws in countries around the world in the face of frequently sophisticated efforts by foreign governments to catch them. A safe estimate is that several hundred times every day (easily 100,000 times a year) DO [Directorate of Operations] officers engage in highly illegal activities (according to foreign law) that not only risk political embarrassment to the U.S. but also endanger the freedom if not lives of the participating foreign nationals and, more than occasionally, of the clandestine officer himself. In

    In 1996, the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a congressional report estimating that the clandestine service part of the intelligence community "easily" breaks "extremely serious laws" in countries around the world, 100,000 times every year. [19]


    The CIA has been linked to several assassination attempts on foreign leaders, including former leader of Panama Omar Torrijos and the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro. (See Church Committee)

    On January 13, 2006, the CIA launched an airstrike on Damadola, a Pakistani village near the Afghan border, where they believed Ayman al-Zawahiri was located. The airstrike killed eight men, five women and five children but al-Zawahiri was not among them. The Pakistan government issued a strong protest against the US attack, considered a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty.
    CIA Support of terrorists

    According to certain authors the CIA appears to have supported the 1963 military coup in Iraq and the subsequent Saddam Hussein-led government up until the point of the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. U.S. support was predicated on the notion that Iraq was a key buffer state in relations with the Soviet Union. There are court records [34] indicating that the CIA gave military and monetary assistance to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.

    Also Chile's infamous Augusto Pinochet, a number of dictatorships in Central America, the Shah of Iran, and the despots in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Indonesia, who have been friendly to perceived U.S. geopolitical interests (namely anti-Communism, providing access to oil companies and other multi-national corporations and implementing a liberal economic system), sometimes over democratically-elected governments.

    Often cited as one of the American intelligence community's biggest blunders is the CIA involvement in equipping and training Mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan in response to the Soviet invasion of the country. The Mujahedeen trained by the CIA later formed Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda terrorist organization. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Advisor under President Carter, has discussed U.S. involvement in Afghanistan in several publications.

    Later, the CIA facilitated the so-called Reagan Doctrine, channelling weapons and other support (in addition to the Mujahedeen and the Contras) to Jonas Savimbi's UNITA rebel movement in Angola in response to Cuban military support for the MPLA, thus turning an otherwise low-profile African civil war into one of the larger battlegrounds of the Cold War.

    Luis Posada Carriles (born February 15, 1928) is an anti-Castro Cuban émigré who is alleged to have been involved in numerous violent terrorist plots, including hotel bombings and the 1976 bombing of a Cubana Flight 455 in which seventy-three people were killed. He has also been involved in Operation Condor, namely in Orlando Letelier's murder in Washington, D.C., a few weeks before Cubana de Aviación's explosion. Posada has lived in Venezuela, where he became a naturalized citizen and served in its political police; and the United States, where he served in the U.S. Army and developed a relationship with the CIA

    CIA Terrorist Activities:

    -During the Vietnam war the CIA conducted Operation Phoenix, an assassination program. The goal was not only to eliminate those Vietnamese who might oppose the U.S. (which in practice meant most of the population of Vietnam) but also to terrorize the entire population of South Vietnam and to suppress opposition to the occupying U.S. forces. Over 20,000 Vietnamese were murdered, often at random.

    -The CIA also recruited a mercenary army in Vietnam (financed by profits from the CIA's heroin smuggling), particularly from among the Hmong villagers, which was used to terrorize the civilian population and to prevent them from assisting the Viet Cong.

    -The CIA organized and financed (with the profits from its cocaine smuggling) the activities of the Contras in Nicaragua, who murdered tens of thousands of civilians, and tried to disrupt the economy, in an attempt to destabilize the legitimate Sandinista government. (For this the U.S. was condemned in the World Court for engaging in international terrorism, and it rejected a U.N. security council resolution calling upon it to observe international law.)

    -The CIA planned and organized the military coup d'etat in 1973 in Chile which overthrew the legitimately elected government of Salvador Allende (because he would not implement economic policies designed in Washington to favor American corporations doing business in Chile) and brought to power the regime of General Augusto Pinochet; this regime abducted, tortured and killed thousands of Chilean citizens in an attempt to suppress opposition.

    -The CIA organized and supported the Turkish government's persecution of its Kurdish minority during the 1990s, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and millions of refuges; the aim being the suppression of Kurdish culture and the elimination of Kurdish demands for a separate state.

    -Death squads formed to bolster Brazil's national intelligence service and counterinsurgency efforts. Many death squad members were merely off-duty police officers. U.S. AID (and presumably the CIA) knew of and supported police participation in death squad activity. Counterspy 5/6 1979, p. 10

    -Brazilian and Uruguayan death squads closely linked and have shared training. CIA on at least two occasions co-ordinated meetings between countries' death squads. Counterspy 5/6 1979, p. 11

    - In 1956, CIA established in Cuba the infamous Bureau for the Repression of Communist Activities, BRAC — secret police that became well known for torture and assassination of Batista's political opponents. Unclassified W/1994-1995 16-17

    - The CIA created an intelligence service in Haiti: National Intelligence Service, (SIN) from its initials in French, to fight cocaine trade, but unit became instrument of political terror whose officers engaged in drug traffic, killings and torture.

    ETC. ETC. ETC.
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    As you can see, i didn't post a link to each item i listed, they are easy to verify, if you doubt any of those please ask for the source and i will post it.
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    I have been reading "Rogue State" for about a week now and every chapter *shocks* & angers me.

    The things the U.S. has done (for the last 65 years) all over the globe, can be classified as nothing other than Terrorism.

    If the truth ever sees the light of day the American public will DEMAND change.
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    Burnsys,Why do you always start this Anti-american theards?I don't think the U.S. ever attempted to take over your country.The U.S..
    The CIA is diffently not a terroist organzatian.It's Intellgence agency.
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    Burnsys, Please post the source(s) of "CIA Terrorist Activities:". I somehow missed all these events.
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    According to that definition, the Bush administration certainly qualifies.
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    No, but the us trained the dictators who killed 30.000 people in my country, and also in chile, peru, brazil etc. they were all trained in the school of the americas
    The coordination of the dictatorships was called "Operation Condor"
    as i stated in the opening post, one of the roles of the cia is inteligence the other role is the "Clandestine Service"

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    The U.S. needed to defeat the sandinistas before killed any more people.The U.S. also bankrupt the soviet union and caused the sandinistas.
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    This topic has also been done and locked before, so it's being locked again now.
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