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News Is the cost of energy raising?

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    Is the cost of energy resources for society raising? How high does it have to go to support a switch over to sustainable sources?

    There are of course several energy sources we could talk in terms of $ per GJ to normalize them. Gasoline is now at about $29 per GJ. I am making a educated guess that at $100 per GJ sustainables will be cheaper. I would like to hear the communities thoughts.
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    When researching this I believe it will be more useful to price the cost of that for which energy is needed. That is, people don't want gigajoules per se, they want to travel a mile, take a hot shower, heat their dwelling.
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    Yes the cost of energy is rising, but I think its better understood from a perspective of a ratio. How much oil does one have to put into a well to get a volume of oil out. At one time, the ratio was pretty high. I don't remember the number, but it was something like 1 barrel of oil in for like 75 out. Today its more like 1 barrel of oil in for 7 barrels out.
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