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Is the haystack correct?

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    enter a random 20 character pw made of only lower case letters.
    (However, x100 as I am using 1T not 100T pws/sec; thus:
    65.90 thousand centuries x100 = 6590 thousand centuries)

    answer: 659,000,000years.

    is that correct?
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    I guess, if I understand what you're asking. 65,900 X 100 centuries = 6,590,000 centuries = 659,000,000 years

    Note: I didn't visit the site you showed, so I don't know what your question has to do with anything.
  4. Jan 10, 2013 #3
    20725274851017785518433805270 looks about right ...

    at 1 Tpws/s ... maybe 656,744,329.448937 yrs is a slightly better rough guess?

    20725274851017785518433805270 / 1 T / (60 * 60 * 24 * 365.25)
  5. Jan 12, 2013 #4

    Thanks for atleast visiting the site prior to posting an answer.
    Yes, you are correct. Even using 100T pws/sec (their speed), I could rest assured spooks wont break my encrypted files in atleast 6m years even if using only lower case letters.
  6. Jan 13, 2013 #5
    Ah, well, I think the site does mention (I only glanced at it) that a cracking algorithm would try certain combinations first as being more likely (people have to remember them and many password generating algorithms have a filter that restricts the passwords to "human memorable / speakable" passwords). The time given is that needed to test all the combinations. If the cracking algorithm just rolls its sleeves up, starts at "aaaaa..." and your password happens to be "aaaaa..." then your secret stash of pi porn will become viral in no time (well, at least in the maths community :cool:)
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