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Is the micro-chip an informational inevitability of the planet.

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    I believe man evolved to invent the microchip. Communication is a natural self organizing principle of nature. This is inevitable as water running down hill, or the formation of snow flakes. The Components of the universe organize around the a flow of information. These currents can be gravity, light waves, water waves, the currents that develope between cellular structures, or the need for beings to communicate between one another.
    These currents are the underlying forces that run though our biology as well as the stone.

    Silicon has certain qualities that enable it to store and conduct information. The universe is utilizing this quality when we do.
    I do not see this as anthropomorphic but, rather as a seamless whole. The silicon chip is an informational inevitability of the planet. Just as carbon was inevitable as the main component of biological systems.
    Any thoughts?
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