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Is The Speed Of Light Slowing Down ?

  1. Mar 21, 2004 #1
    Is The Speed Of Light "Slowing Down"?

    Speed of light, (“Constant” contradictions);
    Electrical Signal Patenting. Hmmmm….;

    http://www.ldolphin.org/constc.sh [Broken]
    Does anybody else believe that the “Speed of Light” (which is supposedly a “constant”) is slowing down?
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    The second and third links you posted are dead; the first is really strange, and the last refers to a set of observations which were both difficult to do and gave marginal results; since 2002 (when the article you posted was published) there's been a different observation, based on a cleaner technique, which shows that [tex]\alpha[/tex] does not vary over cosmological time (to within a few percent). This was discussed at some length in another thread here in PF; I'll find it if you're interested.
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    The Links work fine from here in Australia (got somebody else to check it for me).

    I don't see how thefirst Link is strange, it proves something is wrong with our measurements.

    I've looked through the "cleaner" technique (I diasagree that it's "cleaner").

    No matter, I'll leave it alone.
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    The first link does not pertain to a slowing speed of light. It pertains to the positions of pulses within a signal.

    I didn't get a chance to review the second link.

    The 3rd link isn't working for me either.

    I'd be interested to see further discussion of the 4th link. Maybe I'll dig up that old thread...
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