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News Is the U.S really a peace maker

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    All the bravo and hype that the U.S is reacieving these days for being a "global peace maker" makes one wonder wether it is really doing it's bit,when one sane man reads in the dailies that the prisoners being murdered in afghanistan ,the most of all the iraqi people going to vote in january "under the strict supervision of the american gunmen"can any one be of the opinion that the so formed government be fair enough and unbiased i guess if any one views the hideous activities of the president rather than the U.S.{it's not fair to condemn the U.S. for the illegitimate activities of the prez}to achieve global stability in terms of military he has his army over every corner of the world "TO RESTORE THE HARMONY IF LOST IN ANY CASE " :rolleyes: all dis things makes me wonder if prez himslef is influencing the so called "TERRORISM" global american terrorism ???
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    What could be more fair than blaming the activities of a single man on the American people when they are the ones that voted him into power in the first place?
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    And you folks have his four-year record and numerous tv appearances to judge him by, too late to claim ignorance of the devil now. I am afraid the presumption of innocence is no more.
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    48% of Americans voters (57 million people) voted against Bush (http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/)
    (that's more people than in the entire country of Canada, Smurf)
    Are you ready to condemn them all (plus all the children whom could not vote)?

    Plus, it seems that Bush did not win because of the war on Iraq. Instead, polls indicate that "values" (presumably, Christian values such as voting against gay marriages) tipped the scale in Bush's favor.

    My understanding is that the original plan was to have US troops stay away from the election polls; however, now they are thought to be needed to keep the peace due to all the insurgents setting off car bombs, etc.
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    Like any other country, the USA looks after its own interests. More than any other country (or at least, powerful country), however, it believes in the moral rightness of its foreign policy. I'm still trying to understand the reasons for this, which probably requires learning its history extremely thoroughly.
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    >> Attempting to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments.
    >> Unprovoked military invasion of some 20 sovereign nations.
    >> Working to crush more than 30 populist movements which were fighting against dictatorial regimes.
    >> Providing indispensable support to a small army of brutal dictatorships: Mobutu of Zaire, Pinochet of Chile, Duvalier of Haiti, Somoza of Nicaragua, the Greek junta, Marcos of the Philippines, Rhee of Korea, the Shah of Iran, 40 years of military dictators in Guatemala, Suharto of Indonesia, Hussein of Iraq, the Brazilian junta, Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, the Taliban of Afghanistan, and others.
    >> Dropping powerful bombs on the people of about 25 countries, including 40 consecutive days and nights in Iraq, 78 days and nights in Yugoslavia, and several months in Afghanistan, all three of these countries having met the first requirement as an American bombing target -- being completely defenseless. And not once ever has the United States come even close to repairing the great damage caused by its bombings. Afghanistan and Iraq are of course the latest examples.
    >> Increasing use of depleted uranium, one of the most despicable weapons ever designed by mankind, which produces grossly deformed babies amongst its many endearing qualities, and which, in a civilized world not intimidated by the United States, would be categorically banned.
    >> Repeated use of cluster bombs, another fiendish device designed by a mad scientist, which has robbed numerous young people of one or more limbs, and some of their eyesight, and continues to do so every day in many countries as the bombs remain on the ground.
    >> Assassination attempts on the lives of some 40 foreign political leaders.
    >> Crude interference in dozens of foreign democratic elections.
    >> Gross manipulation of labor movements.
    >> Shameless manufacture of "news", the disinformation effect of which is multiplied when CIA assets in other countries pick up the same stories.
    >> Providing handbooks, materials and encouragement for the practice of torture.
    >> Chemical or biological warfare or the testing of such weapons, and the use of powerful herbicides, all causing terrible effects to the people and environments of China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Panama, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia and elsewhere.
    >> Encouragement of drug trafficking in various parts of the world when it served the CIA's purposes.
    >> Supporting death squads, particularly in Latin America.
    >> Causing grievous harm to the health and well-being of the world's masses by turning the screws of the IMF, World Bank, WTO, and other international financial institutions, as well as by imposing unmerciful sanctions and embargoes.
    >> Much of the above has led to millions of refugees wandering homeless over the earth.

    http://members.aol.com/bblum6/debate.htm [Broken]
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    I had no idea it was that many
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    Gee, fourier_jr, that list isn't at all misleading, out of context, or exaggerated! :rolleyes:
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    "phobos " i would like to lend u some knowledge that the people who are attacking the U.S. military are not insurgents i would like u to know da real meaning of insurgents and insurgency in this case the U.S.are the never invited guests in the iraqi desert,let this thing be apart i had come across a reply which said that the U.S waz fighting global terrorism ,don't u will to ask who created it in the first place ??? IT WAS THE U.S do u remember da gulf war in which the liberty loving state allowed to help the then iraqi dictator in a disguised fashion by letting him know da whereabouts of the kuwaitain lay outs and the same state "helped" the kuwaitian army with intelligence, sounds interesting right ??? still feel the u.s is reaping the rewards of the seeds which it had sown in the past :confused: and one more point that comes into my silly mind is dat to fight the global terrorism it's lending F-16'S ,ORIONS AND OTHER SOPHISTICATED defence equipments to other nations don't you think that this shall give a new phase something which we had already seen prior to the world war 2 "GLOBAL ARMS RACE ?? i really have a sympathizing fell towards all da global leaders who try to create peace with the help of U.S {george bush rather}who themselves r funding it !!!
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    Your right, we should do our own research and come up with some statistics.
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    Evidently you don't understand the history behind the reference to the "Peacemaker". Let me clue you in...
    The Legendary Peacemaker :rolleyes:
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    Something I find interesting is that the US government gives nearly two times as much as any other country in foriegn aid (although their percentage is the lowest per GNI), but more importantly, US citizens give nearly three times as much in foriegn aid as their own goverment, through churchs, hunger organizations, the Red Cross, etc. And while most foriegn aid is tied politically, contributions directly from the US citizens through those types of organizations are not.

    While this is not directly related to peacemaking it should certainly be considered as contributing to reducing the causes of war and hatred, shouldn't it? Shouldn't feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick be considered works of peace?

    One final thing on this subject, is that Afganistan is the tenth highest recipient of US foriegn aid. I just thought that was interesting.

    World distribution of Foriegn Aid
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    it's all in killing hope by bill blum; you can find out where he learned about all that stuff by simply checking his footnotes, which includes official government documents, mainstream media reports, human-rights reports, etc etc
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    Please do not attempt to bring balance or reason to this conversation.

    We were much more content blathering on about the Eee-ev-il USA.

    A better question for the name of this thread would have been, "How long has it been since our gov't did more to stem mayhem in the world than things just like sending Mad Albright to the UN to lobby to have the word 'genocide' changed to 'genocide-like?'

    Getting kicked out of Somalia doesn't count. Totally, shamefully embarrassing ourselves at the UN during the Rwanda crisis doesn't count. Embassy bombings don't count. Cole doesn't count. Loathing the military doesn't count. Eyes focused like a laser beam on legacy/resume doesn't count. Doing nothing about gathering threats in the world, other than issuing a report that says, "Sorry for leaving all the empty pizza boxes, but lookout, something bad is likely to happen in the next quarter of a century, some adult should actually DO something about that" doesn't count. Negotiating away the farm to the North Koreans, giving away soemthing in return for absilutely nothing while they laugh at us behind our back and continue bidness as usual doesn't count.

    Posing over the (fantastic, by the way) crab spread at Renaissance Weekends counts. "Hi Bill!" "Hi Wesley! How's tricks?"

    Furrowed brows over $200 dinners at the Four Seasons counts, especially if turned in after an especailly windy do nothing day on E. 44th.

    The fortieth annual university symposium, "What should be done about the M.E.?" complete with name tags and paid guest speakers counts. It has become a real growth industry in the past few decades.
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    I live on this world long enough to think that we need nation like USA,and this nation somehow must keep mob on the leash.Otherwise we would have total chaos.
  17. Dec 18, 2004 #16

    So does this essentially mean when one country gives financial support to the third world nations it gets the universal right TO INVADE THE COUNTRY and beat the hell out of it sounds interesting !!! :surprised so the next time the LIBERTY LOVING NATION tries to fund the "hunger fight" or the fight against illness and disease all the world population should have the knowledge dat this is a blessing in disguise ??? and one more thing i would like to know is dat how come the united states hunger for peace come periodically over 30 years ???remember the vietnam war and as for zlex i would like u 2 b more precise son !!1 :zzz: tumor i guess the u.s is doing nothing better than creating pandomonium rather than chaos
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    Tumor I don't get you.. you are the most beffudling person I have ever met, are you just playin devil's advocate or do you really believe that? I would love to meet you and discuss some things in person.
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    No, if you notice, I said that this is not directly related to peacemaking. I wonder how peaceful and wonderful a place the world would be if the USA took their 45 Billion dollars in foriegn aid (through combined government and Civilian sources) and just spent it on making their own country better?
  20. Dec 18, 2004 #19
    number of people killed by US interventions and covert actions:
    (Of course they are not all)

    Vietnam 3,000,000
    Korea 3,000,000
    Iraq 1,000,000
    Indonesia 500,000
    Cambodia 600,000
    Laos 350,000
    El Salvador 300,000
    Columbia 300,000
    Iran 300,000
    Guatamala 300,000
    East Timor 150,000
    Afghanistan 100,000
    Nicaragua 25,000
    Brazil 50,000
    Philippines 50,000
    Chile 50,000
    Congo 20,000
    Panama 4,000
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    /\ not to mention that in vietnam there were an additional 400,000 disappeared, 4,500,000 wounded. in the 10 years 1961-1971 the US air force sprayed 20000000 gallons of concentrated arsenic-based & dioxin-laden herbicides (agent orange, etc) all over 6000000 acres of crops & trees, CS (tear gas) & napalm & phosphorous bombs. roughly 13% of south vietnam's land was completely destroyed by that chemical warfare & napalm, etc; that would be like canada having an area bigger than BC or ontario (like quebec-sized) totally wiped out (!!).... and people try to say that the USA lost the vietnam war! :confused:

    PS- where did those numbers come from? amnesty intl or something? a link please... (not that i'm really skeptical)

    "The West has never been allowed to forget the Nazi holocaust. For 40 years there has been a continuous outpouring of histories, memoirs, novels, feature films, documentaries, television series... played and replayed, in every Western language; museums, memorials, remembrances, ceremonies...Never again! But who hears the voice of the vietnamese peasant? Who can read the language of the vietnamese intellectual? What was the fate of the vietnamese Anne Frank? Where, asks the young American, is Vietnam?" - William Blum, www.killinghope.org

    re: foreign aid a lot of that is merely transfers which are internal to US corporations operating in whatever 3rd-world country we're talking about. technically its "foreign aid" but it doesn't really help the people there. whatever the US gives is a pittance when you consider what they spend on other things like their nukes, military, etc
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