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Is Theory Dangerous (?)

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    Do you think that studying too much theory could lead to abnormal psychological behaviours ? Personnally I was judged (I would like to use their wordtreasure (from german) "diagnosed", but I seemed so quick and long...that i use the other word...moreover diag...remind me of diagonal..which means in french (i don't know in us-english) "reading quickly without details..."...so maybe...??)...by psychiatrists as being 100% psychologically invalid, and hence cannot work (can be occupied but not paid .,.??)...Do you think that that kind of disturbance (like schizophrenia), could be induced by too much thinking "in the void" needed sometimes in theory (not to recopy the Nash movie...but what you think in reality ??) Thanks ...
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    I don't know exactly which language you type...
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    I'm not sure if being preoccupied with theory leads to abnormal psychology, or if people who are psychologicaly abnormal are attracted to theory, but there does seem to be a connection.
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    This is all to deep for me i think, but then again it may not be.
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    Yes, I heard some things like that for example with psychiatrists :

    he is speaking to the patient, not looking at him...but it is so boring that the patient goes away, unnoticed...and the psychiatrist continues : "you know it's normal..sometzimes we speak alone...this does not mean your schizophrenic at all"...

    or "they are two stupids speaking rubbish in a room..the second then replies : yes but the difference is that you pay 100$ for this sceance..."
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