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Is there a brand logo for natural science?

  1. Nov 16, 2003 #1
    is there a "brand logo" for natural science?

    I had posted an earlier version of this somewhere on this forum sometime ago, but in order as not to make things too easy for you, I'm now posting this thing again. So guess what this is! :smile:

    Whenever I watch movies like "Contact", or also in the context of the "hello aliens" gold plates on the Voyager/Pioneer devices, I wonder if it is possible to create a pictogram that allows totally different (but advanced) cultures to draw some conclusions about our society or scientific knowledge or whatever.
    I mean, we recognize the shapes of a greeting man and woman on the Voyager plate because we have have neuronal circuitry that says "genetically compatible being detected! mating device engaged!" or at least "hi there people!" when an optical input resembling these shapes reach our brain.
    But what would we be able to tell someone who has not had our "education"? Someone whose ancestors did not shoot arrows at each other so we now can use lines and arrows as a means of depicting motion or forces? someone whose people knows it's living on a near-spherical planet but which never had the idea to put a graduation over its surface?
    or, to be more realistic, someone who does not think of gravity when reading "g" because he prefers to call it "Schwerkraft", or worse, uses a different alphabet? how do you give someone like this "poor" guy an idea of what our current scientific theories say? assume he knows more that we know and wants to know if we're worth talking to?

    additionally, what would be a good "brand logo" for natural sciences compared to the traditional religious or semi-political symbols like crosses, half moons, five- or six-pointed stars, eagles...

    contemplating all this I came up with a thing that looks like this:


    now, to test my design among you science experts before I print it on a sweatshirt (I don't have a gold plate to put it on ), what do you see in this picture, considering what I said above?
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    Well, presuming that we can acheive an unified field theory, why would any extraterrestrial life form be sure to think that there are four fundamental forces?
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    you definitely got a point there.... I once had a version with the elmag and weak force glyphs together in one circle, but it just didn't look right, and you know, they are different forces even though they seem to have been together until shortly after the "horrendous space kablooie".

    well then, what "unified" symbol would you suggest? I don't know enough about this theory to make one up.

    btw I fixed the lower right glyph. (2)H sure should not be orbited by two electrons
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    Strange, your brand logo has some features that resemble Dr. John Dee's universal magical symbol - a sort of combination of all the symbols for the planets - to be used for calling demons (or as he stoutly averred, angels). Maybe there is something to that Jungian underconsciousnes after all?
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    I never heard of that. got a url for more info?

    what bugs me about the logo is that it is so complicated. maybe we should use only the H2O glyph? that would solve the "why four forces"-problem FZ mentioned.
    it would still show that we can measure molecular structures and stuff... and I think H2O is the most interesting simple molecule - you know, the groups of molecules that cause water to be fluid at temps as high as 360K, and that cause it to have a max density at 277K; and also it is required for life to develop; and also it is used to detect neutrinos (afair); and finally earth is THE "water planet".
    comments and more suggestions please, also for (earth-culture-based) logo ideas. I mean, the eye would be a good science symbol, but it has been used by the egyptian god Ra, so we'd better not. we might use a sine wave graph, but that's too simple. we might use a Mandelbrot fractal; that's too complex....
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    But life doesn't have to be water based...

    If we are going into fundamentals, we should be looking sorely at hydrogen fusion - that is the one thing we are sure of. Or we can try number systems - a prime number sequence in numbers of dots?

    .. ... ..... ....... ........... ............. .................

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    Here's what I found after googling on Dr. John Dee and symbol. The one I saw in an illustration in a book about him seemed a little more complicated. But enjoy.
  9. Nov 20, 2003 #8
    This looks almost like a collection of "Stargate" glyphs to me.
    Somewhere else Google finds that "In twenty-four theorems, Dee attempts to condense the whole of occult knowledge into a single comprehensive symbol. ..." which is quite what I'm aiming at - except for "natural scientific" instead of "occult"

    a) ok, then what would you suggest as a symbol for hydrogen fusion?
    b) I know, I just watched "Contact" last Friday :wink:. but that's a pretty long-winded and not too eye-catching symbol... and imho maths is not natural science.

    it wouldn't be culture-independent, but maybe the transistor circuit symbol would be acceptable?
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